Starting a New Car Workshop

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Starting your own car workshop is the goal of many good automobile professional mechanics and consultants. If you are a talented and hardworking car specialist, you may find it extremely challenging to work for someone else. You might want to start with yourself and serve your customers well.

To build a good car repair workshop, it is important to have a good knowledge of cars, but at the same time it is important to be good at many other things as well. Running something on your own can be challenging and cumbersome and without the right team and guidance you can just fall in your face.

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You should consider these important aspects before starting your car workshop:

  1. Establishment of workshop and having the right infrastructure
  2. Build a strong and professional team
  3. Developing Good Industry Links
  4. Market Your Services Well
  5. Generating and Converting Business Leads
  6. Attention to Customer Satisfaction
  7. Establishing the Right Procedures and Ground Rules
  8. Choose to Partner with a Car Service Center Franchisee

Adequate amount of detail needs to be given for each of the points mentioned above. For the rest of the blog, we’ll focus on setting up the workshop and maintaining the right infrastructure. Below are some key points that you should pay attention to:

Right Location A workshop is only as good as the number of customers it attracts. Choosing the right place is very important. A good successful workshop is usually located in areas with low to moderate footfall. This ensures that there is enough parking space for the vehicles to operate. It also ensures that the right amount of space is available to set up the workshop infrastructure. Shop floor area A good workshop is well lit and properly ventilated or it can be suffocating for the car mechanic throughout the day. . Large windows and generous doors are a great idea for proper ventilation in a car workshop.
A good workshop will have the capacity to park a good number of cars. Around 5 – 8 cars can be driven easily and the operation of the team should not be a hassle. It is necessary to separate the service area, washing area and body shop area. Having dedicated areas for service, washing, denting & amp; The painting ensures that the operations crew will not be unnecessarily distracted by others.
Below are the minimum requirements for the smooth running of the service infrastructure:

The Body Shop Booth-1 (only if you want to do denting and painting work) Obviously the operations can go on with less infrastructure, but lack of infrastructure will cause recurring issues and delays. Other infrastructure is well separated It is important to have a customer lounge and spare parts store.
A basic customer lounge is required for customers who wish to sit through the vehicle’s service. This gives them a peaceful place to sit and supervise. Not having a customer lounge makes customers wander around the shop floor and hinders the productivity of car mechanics.
Organizing parts and tools is a must for any workshop. There should be a small, but dedicated parts store where mechanics can order and obtain used items on a regular basis. Adequate rack space and small compartments are required for storing small parts and tools such as wrenches and ratchets. This will help in proper maintenance of the equipment and will help to organize your workshop without the risk of losing or losing them. The Right Equipment Never consider buying the cheapest equipment. Hand tools, for example, bearing pullers, cirque clip forceps, rings and open end spanners come at different prices. So, choose wisely. Buy a complete set of all tools. There should be at least two types of instruments of a particular type. This will help you to adequately work on various car models and operate them without any worries.

If you are planning to set up your own workshop or have an existing workshop, CarzOk Car Services will be happy to partner with you. At CarzOk we have enabled many workshops to help them solve some problems.

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