How much boot space does CNG kit takes?

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What is CNG Kit?
To use CNG, you have to install a CNG kit in your petrol or diesel car. Otherwise you will have to buy a CNG car. Installing a CNG kit in your existing car can be more pocket friendly. A CNG kit consists of a refilling valve, pressure gauge, ECU or electric control unit and other such components. Before choosing a CNG kit, you need to find out whether the model of your car is compatible to run on CNG. What is the use of CNG kit?
Rising price of petrol and diesel is an important reason for vehicle owners in cities like Delhi-NCR and Mumbai to use CNG conversion kits. A CNG kit consists of a regulator, high-pressure tubes, fittings, pressure gauges, hoses, hoses, clamps, etc. It also includes a fuel switch over, which allows the driver to shift from gasoline to CNG at the press of a button. , Remember, CNG conversion cylinders and cylinder valves are sold separately. Here's how a CNG kit works in a car. to keep track! The cylinder or fuel tank stores the CNG gas and is mounted at the rear of your vehicle. The CNG fuel system releases high-pressure gas from the fuel tank and transfers it through the fuel lines. The pressure regulator reduces the pressure, adapted to the engine fuel injection system. Then, the CNG is mixed with air and transferred to the combustion or manifold chamber. The spark plug ignites the compressed gas and starts the engine. Apart from knowing what is a CNG kit and how it works, let us take an in-depth look at the cost-benefit analysis of a CNG kit. Is CNG kit suitable for your vehicle?
CNG kit comes with both advantages and disadvantages. Consider the following advantages and disadvantages of CNG kits before finalizing your purchase from the dealer - professionals Affordable - Installing a CNG kit in your vehicle will prove to be economical in the long run. Diesel cars are around ₹2 lakh more expensive than their petrol counterparts. On the other hand, a CNG model costs Rs 90,000 more than a petrol vehicle. This is because it excels in fuel economy, resulting in lower costs. If you intend to use your car for at least 5 years, it is ideal to equip it with CNG. Less Pollution – It reduces the carbon footprint by about 5% to 10% as compared to a gasoline powered vehicle. Thus, it is effective in reducing pollution. Adulteration Free - Unlike petrol and diesel, it is almost impossible to adulterate CNG. The adulterated fuel is not suitable for on-road safety of the car. Moreover, fraud is rarely involved in the sale of CNG. Shortage Maintenance and installation costs are high - Buying a CNG kit is a one-time investment. However, its installation and maintenance costs are remarkably high. Selective Availability of CNG Stations – CNG fuel stations are not widely available in metropolitan cities. The situation is even worse in remote rural areas. Hence, experts recommend that you back up to petrol or diesel for long drives.
How to choose a CNG kit for your car?
A common dilemma among car owners is whether they should buy company-fitted CNG kits or opt for CNG kits from the market. The answer depends on the type and brand you choose when purchasing your kit. There is a common myth that a company-fitted CNG kit provides optimum performance and improves longevity. However, automobile experts say that the performance of both is similar. Also consider whether your CNG kit is compatible with your vehicle. There are two types of CNG kits available in the market- Venturi CNG Kit: This is an economical option and easy-to-install kit as compared to other kits available in the market. It is suitable for any automobile, fuel-injected or carburetor powered vehicle. You can also install it without using the electronic control unit. However, this kit needs frequent cleaning, which requires expert help. Therefore, it may look cheap in the short run but it is very expensive in the long run. Sequential CNG Kit: According to automobile experts, this is a better option. It has a separate electronic control unit to control the flow of CNG gas to the engine unit. This ensures better mileage performance. But this expensive kit is only suitable for Fuel injection supported vehicles and challenging to install. Hence, choose the one that best suits your budget and vehicle make and model. Note: If your existing car is compatible with any CNG kit, you will need to get the approval of the government for its installation. You need to obtain a "Fuel Change" registration certificate from the local authorities. When you want to install a CNG kit in your new vehicle, the process takes a lot of time. Other things you should keep in mind while installing CNG kit - Choose a trusted brand. Invest in a reputed fitment center to ensure the longevity of your CNG kit. Check warranty coverage. Opt for less paperwork.
Top 11 CNG Kit Brands Available in the Market
If you are wondering which CNG The kit is the best, here is a list of 11 RTO-approved brands available across India – B r c landy-renzo Lovato Autogas unitax SKN tartarini TOMASETTO zavolik beadni bugatti unless Usually car dealers use kits from one of these brands. Hence, research about CNG kit price, brand etc accordingly, to make an informed decision. If you are planning to buy a CNG kit from an independent vendor, be sure to complete the paperwork before completing the installation. Also, don't forget to read about its customer feedback before proceeding. What is the cost of CNG kit? The cost of CNG kit depends on the type and brand you are opting for. The company-fitted CNG kit will cost you around ₹60,000 and ₹70,000. In contrast, a sequential CNG kit from an independent vendor will cost you around ₹40,000 to ₹50,000. Remember, installing an aftermarket CNG kit voids the manufacturer's warranty. Each company-fitted CNG kit comes with an OEM warranty and is therefore comparatively more expensive. On the other hand, if you opt for an open-loop CNG kit, it will cost you around ₹15,000 to ₹20,000, which includes installation charges. The cost of a closed loop ranges from ₹22,000 to ₹25,000. Additional expenses include maintenance fee and registration fee, among others. The registration fee including RC endorsement ranges from around ₹2,000 to ₹3,000. A CNG installed car requires a higher insurance premium. The premium increases by 10% depending on the make and model of the car. It will cost you around ₹ 1,200 to ₹ 1,500. Note that the price of a CNG kit may vary depending on your locality and the make and model of the car. How much boot space is required for a CNG kit? The space occupied by the CNG kit on the boot of the vehicle depends on the size of the boot space and cylinder model of your vehicle. The CNG kit occupies at least 1/3 of the boot space of your vehicle. However, you can install a carrier for convenience to compensate for your lost boot space. Is CNG Kit Safe for Your Car? It is safe to install CNG kit as it has high auto ignition temperature. The temperature is about 540 °C compared to 360 °C petrol. This reduces the chances of your car catching on fire. It also releases less carbon, which makes it more environmentally friendly than petrol and diesel. Also, another question that worries the consumer is whether it is safe to refuel in the cylinder or not. The answer is yes. It is manufactured as per specific international standards. The Chief Controller of Explosives also gives its approval before selling it in the market. What is the mileage of a vehicle equipped with CNG kit? The mileage of a CNG powered car depends on its make and model and driving habits. However, on an average, a cylinder with a capacity of 50 liters of water contains 9 kg of CNG. This is equivalent to 12.5 liters of petrol. This allows you to drive around 150km-160km with an engine capacity of 1300CC of a medium-sized car. An electronic fuel gauge installed in your car's dashboard lets you see how much CNG is available in the cylinders. How Much Can You Save When Using CNG Kits? As discussed earlier, it is economical to use a CNG kit. On an average, you can save up to ₹3 to ₹5 per kilometer. For example, if your car covers about 30 km per day, you will save around ₹40 to ₹50 per day and ₹1410 monthly. Your annual savings will be around ₹16,920. Indraprastha Gas Limited says that CNG will save 68 per cent on running cost compared to petrol and 50 per cent compared to diesel. To increase your savings, make sure to do a thorough research of cng kit price, dealer & reviews before buying.most frequently asked questions Do CNG Kits Damage Your Car Engine? How to install CNG kit in car? 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