Car Washing Services In Ghaziabad

Car Washing Services, in Local Area
  • Get Latest Price ₹ 250/ Vehicle
  • Service Location/City: Local Area
  • Service Provided: Car Washing Services
  • Type Of Washing: Exterior, Interior
  • Place Of Service: Service Centre
  • Maintenance Type: One Time Requirement
  • Servicing Period: 24 Hours

Car Washing Service

  • ₹ 499/ starting priceGet Latest Price
  • Service Location: Indirapuram, Vaishali, Noida
  • Service Provided: Car Wash, dry cleaning, vacuuming, underbody wash, foam wash, cleaning and polishing of dashboard
  • Type of Washing: underbody, engine, Exterior, Interior, Both
  • Type of Cleaning: vacuuming, dry cleaning
  • Place of Service: Home/Residenc
  • Maintenance Type: Monthly

Platinum Wash Services

  • Exterior & engine compartment steam cleaning, interior vacuum & dusting, Ultra Gloss Shampoo wash to remove any kind of dirt/droppings etc and give gloss to exterior, dressings on rubber/plastic parts, spray wax & tire shine.

Panel Washing Service

  • Since solar panel conversion efficiency is reduced by dust, grime, pollen, and other particulates that accumulate on the solar panel. We maintain solar panel in the best shape to get the best efficiency and long life.

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